Sound Alchemy Albums

Sound Alchemy is one of the fastest, most powerful, and simple ways I’ve discovered for accelerating healing and awakening.

I utilize a combination of singing and crystal bowls to easily and quickly open and align your heart and mind, illumining the greater beauty and freedom of what you are. All of my offerings help you to align your life with the truth of you: peace, joy, ease, clarity, beauty, freedom, and love. YES.

Some results people have experienced from Sound Alchemy include:

Healings from

– headaches

– severe back pain

– acid reflux

– arterial constriction

– muscle and joint injuries

– chronic pain

– bladder infections

– anxiety

– depression

– cancer

Freedom from

– self-sabotage

– financial struggles

– relationship tensions/conflict

– grief

Greater Experience of:

– joy

– truth of self

– freedom

– peace

– calm

– relaxation

– ease

– well-being