With Christine


Awaken, heal and transform your life with conscious coaching from a master guide.

Awakening (Coaching) Session

Experience multi-claire-sensory awareness and guidance tailored to benefit you and every area of your life. You’ll receive laser-precise insight, energetic support, and pure sound vibration to help you live life as what you truly are – perfect, whole and free.

Check out the testimonial page to see the ways that Awakening Sessions have shifted the lives of my clients!

Soul Song Transmission

This transmission is the most potent of the Laria Sound Alchemy transmissions, and is unique among all of my offerings as it is a powerful act of mutual creation. I tune into your infinite being and let that guide the sound that comes through, allowing an illumination of your soul through song . Afterward you receive a high-quality recording of your Soul Song to listen to as often as you like. 

Quantum Energetics Session

This session is a new way to help you change things you’d like different in your life. This powerful modality is part of Quantum Energetic Disciplines. Schedule a regular Coaching Session and indicate in the Q&A section at the bottom of your registration that you’d like a QED session.

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