Experience the Future Wave of
Consciousness and Healing.


Join Us for the Next Transmission September 28

Experience the Future Wave of Consciousness and Healing

Join Us for the Next Transmission September 28

What others have shared about
the Heart Field Transmission


What others have shared about the Heart Field Transmission

“So much gratitude. Wow wow wow. I am calm and alert and feel open and loving. It is like that transmission cleared the rest of any residue of PTSD. This transmission lifted me to a whole new level of spaciousness and love, and seemed to have a deep healing on my physical nervous system.” 
– Karen Wecker

“I felt lighter, and I felt waves of Love, like I get when Jesus is around. It’s my innerstanding, that Jesus is reminding me that it’s all about the LOVE…Perhaps you arrived to assist me with coming back to self, self LOVE & Loving others … unconditionally.” – Gentle Thunder

“As I got into bed that night suddenly light language started streaming out of me…didn’t see that one coming! I know lots of people transmit light language, but I’ve never thought of it myself. I have been on this planet for 68 goes around the sun now and it’s not happened before! It has happened through me a number of times since. One night the energy was especially strong, (and) what felt like 5 different levels of vibration and variations of language came through.” – Jayne Lewis

“I received this transmission on behalf of my newborn who was crying 12 hours a day. He’s a totally different baby! He just snapped out of it and became really present. He’s so much happier now.” – Natalie Larson

“Christine I am so blessed to have received your transmission. I had heart pain after which was interesting…Now I can breathe in my upper chest, and scar tissue let go. So blessed and grateful.” – Toni Ann Mazza

“Thank you for the transmission last night. I woke up this morning and just opened my body and being to the energies that had just worked themselves forward …and s***just started to move! I feel more free and awake and alive than I have for months, and my heart is open ” – Arianna Zimmer

“Thank you for your heart field transmissions. I’ve experienced a few so far, and have felt a tingling in my head, an awareness of a powerful energy, and a deep sense of universal love. I have also sensed a loosening or opening, and a “melting” of my physical form around the edges, and a sense of merging with the vastness of the field.” – Janis McCallen

“Thank you so much for your beautiful transmission! The expansion of the heart field allowed some denser energies to rise and transmute then being more present in the now as well.” – Sabrina Walderdorff

“I felt a lot of heart opening at first – it felt like my chest cavity expanded and a lot of light came in. I felt tingly and almost as though there were 1000s of fire flies in my heart center. I felt grounded and relaxed overall. The second time I listened it was as if my feet were not only firmly planted on the ground but also reaching deep into the earth like roots. And my head was reaching, almost pulling, up into a higher realm (higher energy field perhaps) – so I felt the gentle pull in both directions. While the first experience was more physical, this time led me to a more emotional experience.  A handful of memories popped into my head that held some amount of trauma, large and small; experiences that I hadn’t thought about in quite a while. This brought up a few tears and a sense of grieving.  All of it was very gentle.  My whole body felt subtly tingly even afterwards and I felt a peaceful openness and sense of appreciation. ” – Crys Goure

“All I know is I am shifting and feeling more open.” – Stephanie Besson


Beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi



Beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
– Rumi