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About Sound Healing
Every molecule within and around us is constantly emitting and absorbing sound (also known as vibration). When we use sound for transformation, we bypass the mind and go directly to the source of change, which is pure vibration. This creates the easiest and most direct path to your healing and awakening.

Similarly, everything is a frequency of consciousness, and when we exist/abide in a particular vibration of consciousness, other non-compatible frequencies cease being active in our field. We experience this as a dissolution or “vibrating out” of the organism or condition, in other words, health. We now hold a vibration incompatible with the “disease.”

About this Sound Transmission
This sound alchemy came into being when I co-created a transmission for an individual and group to address viruses and other infectious diseases. The energy came through so powerfully that I recognized its potential for greater healing and application.

We are currently in the process of collecting data from those who have been part of our pilot project, and the results are amazing. In previous projects, with equally amazing results, we addressed everything from migraines to acid reflux to back pain to blocked arteries.

Please read on below about how to utilize the sound energy. And once again, I’m so glad you are here!



How to Use Your Sound Transmission
I suggest you begin gently with this transmission. Know that it is powerful, so you might begin by listening once a day. For some this might be too much and for others you will be ready to loop it repeatedly while you go about other activities or even while you sleep.

You are in charge of your healing. This is key, because this is a co-creative healing process. You are in charge as to how much you listen, which will influence your pace of both healing symptoms and full health. Honor what you need, and know that every way is perfect, because it’s yours. You are the ultimate authority on you. No one else will spend every moment with you from death to birth. Honor your knowing.

Please do not listen to the transmission while driving or operating heavy machinery or while responsible for the care of others.



Going Deeper
I invite you to open a gentle inner inquiry about what your “condition” (virus, disease, challenge) means to you – anything you think it says about your body and your life. I also invite you to do nothing with this information except notice it and bring it into your awareness as you listen to the transmission. This amplifies the clearing of anything in your field that holds your relationship with the microbes in place. This helps us move from belief (mental field) to full knowledge (the field of knowing of the Being) where your great power is.

Spend some time as you listen to the transmission in full imagination of your life without this current experience. Feel your ease, wholeness, and complete freedom from the issue. Play with extending this “movie” of your life into your “past” and “future” where you are feeling what it is like to be wholly comfortable, strong, healthy and clear.

Pay attention also to the subtle shifts you experience in awareness. Your acknowledgment of these will amplify their vibrational presence. This healing is happening at many levels, and the truest of these will be the level of your soul. It can be helpful to say “Yes” to all that you are – a magnificent Being of Presence.




Navigating Emotional and Physical Detox
Everyone’s experience is different. Sometimes you encounter a rough beginning, meaning your symptoms may come on or increase. For others, you may experience a rocket launch into wide open space and ease. For some it will be a combination, and some of you may notice nothing at all. So I thought I’d share a bit of info on navigating, particularly if it isn’t all butterflies and roses!

What I notice with many modalities of healing (and consciousness expansion/awakening in general), is that often a vibration (call it illness, constriction, thoughts, patterning, whatever) will vibrate through and out of our field as it moves on and we enter a new space. My body used mucous to process this way for years. It is sometimes called a “healing crisis,” though I prefer the term “healing acceleration.”

What this may mean for you is that you experience it as it goes, which means you might feel worse before you feel better. Many of you are well aware of this, and for some it may come as a surprise. Wasn’t this supposed to be sound healing? Yes, and it is. Healing is the most direct route to your health. Think of it this way. It’s like garbage day. The trash has accumulated, and it’s time to take it to the curb or dump, or burn it or whatever. As you “deal” with the garbage, you become intimate with it in a new way. You smell it more. You feel the weight of it. You handle it, until you move it all the way out.

Your body (and emotional field – more about that below) is doing the same thing. I invite you to trust your body and what is happening. Your body’s natural course of action, when left to its own perfectly crafted wisdom, is to heal. If you are having trash day, meaning physical or emotional symptoms moving through, celebrate and let them go!

Now I get it that that this can be challenging, particularly when there are things to do that need your attention. I would submit to you that there is nothing more important than your entire well-being and embodiment of the radiant light that you are. What could possibly be more important than that? Just my two cents!

This healing will very likely bring forward stuck or trapped emotional energies as they vibrate out of your system. These are directly connected to the consciousness of the microbes. One of the things I’ve heard about most from you so far is anxiety or fear. This makes total sense! (at the same time that it might make you go, “Er?”).

This is related to our conversation in the following tab about microbes having their own thought-field of consciousness. I totally get it that it can be difficult to be in agitation, discouragement, or fear. However, these things wouldn’t be coming up unless they were already in you, and trust me, you really don’t want to keep the garbage in the house! Out it goes!

A helpful practice with this is to move into the role of observer of the emotion or thought-form. You are not the emotion, but your awareness notices it (emotions and thoughts rarely, if ever, notice themselves. Rather, your awareness notices your emotions and thoughts). Attach no meaning or story to the feelings or ideas. Just let them roll.

On the Consciousness of Microbes
All microbes such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc. have a frequency of consciousness and thus “communicate” with us. In a sense, you can hear them like an inner dialogue. Often times their messages are experienced as fear, anxiety, discouragement, etc.

I would suggest to you that any of the conversation you hear in your head about what your condition means to you (discovered in “How to Use Your Sound Transmission” above) is likely related to the consciousness of the microbe rather than your own presence. So those discouraging words that have run through your head belong to the voice of the microbe (and the collective agreement with it), not you. As such, you can decide how much power you are going to hand to their opinion. Thus you can change your inner dialogue to be more reflective of your presence (compassion, peace, love, light, power) rather than the limitations of the “disease”.

Like any pattern in our lives or systems, microbes can present a resistance as they are vibrating out of your existence. These microbes seem to function most heartily in a denser vibration. So as your vibration moves higher, they may “put up a fight” to maintain their purview in your life. Remember, you are in charge of your consciousness. It is fine to notice their chatter, but there is no need to take it on as if it means anything about you!

The Bigger Picture
In this plane of polarity and duality that we experience (until we don’t, as the truest reality is that all is One), there are always opposing forces. It’s the nature of the dual plane – dark and light. Some have experienced a concerted effort of the dark to resist the light. I can tell you that I have most certainly seen microbes as part of this paradigm. So in a sense, when we are vibrating them out of our existence, we are awakening through and beyond the paradigm of light and dark where there is struggle, illness, and suffering into the paradigm of pure freedom and presence where illness does not exist.

As you exist in the dual plane, if there are any forces at work vying for the “dark side,” you are neutralizing those as well. No matter the “powers” you may encounter in the world, none are stronger than the full Light of Love.

So if you find yourself on an epic journey of consciousness and expansion into new ways of living a presence of joy, freedom and light through this project, I cheer you on! It is not only possible, but almost certain that you will go through life shifts as a result of listening to this track. It is co-creating with you on so many levels. I have already heard from participants about their physical healing as well as “stepping into whole new realities.” YES.

About the Bowls in this Transmission

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are potent tools of healing and awakening. I work with the bowls, and also make them available to others.

The bowls in this transmission are: 

Most are available at Laria Crystal Sound, with many others! You can read about each of the bowls as well as find articles on sound healing and more on the site.

Special Healing Sessions
Since there can be all sorts of experiences as a result of this sound alchemy, I’ve added an option for those of you who are in need of extra support. I am offering 1/2 hour healing sessions for anyone who would like extra support at $77 (normal hourly rate is $250).

One client recently shared this unsolicited testimonial:

“I knew the ‘Precision Sound Transmission Healing Project’ track was powerful when on first listening my lower right sinus almost instantly congested. This is an area of impacted infection that has been treated unsuccessfully for years by my acupuncturist and naturopath. After a few days of listening and experiencing some detox symptoms (including emotions and thoughts I identified as belonging to the virus) I had a healing support session with Christine. Wow, immediately after I could tell that not only are the sinus symptoms disappearing, I can feel that there is more space in that sinus now and it for the first time in memory matches the other side. My breathing feels freer and deeper, since there is nothing impeding it in that sinus! Gratitude.” – Karen W. California

This is a private appointment available only to those of you listening to the Healing Sound for Microbes so it isn’t on my website. You can sign up here as often as you are moved.

Sound Healing Support Session

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What a wave of healing we are creating.
Thank you so much for adding your presence, participation and light.
As you heal, the entire world is healed and uplifted.

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“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” – Albert Einstein


“Vocal Sound creates transparency in our subtle bodies so the light of the self can shine brightly through us. As each of these layers becomes more transparent, we’re able to harness our internal light and become sources of illumination for those around us.” – Alanna Kaivalya


“Alchemy Crystal singing bowls have created astounding results by engaging students from preschool to college.  Research proves that playing bowls improves concentration, creativity and lowers anxiety before testing, resulting in higher test scores and retention. This can be explained by the brainwave entrainment effects of the bowls through their binaural beats. Binaural beats are like auditory illusions… they trick the brain into the desired brainwave state.– Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Oncologist


“Crystal bowls have been a tremendous benefit to in my practice to help people achieve a state of calm & peace in a natural way. I’ve used it for many stress-related conditions including anxiety, OCD & PTSD with great results.” – Dr. Matea Polisoto