La Aloa

Join Us on the Big Island
October 14-20, 2019

La Aloa Retreat

Join Us on the Big Island
October 14-20, 2019

Join us this October for 6 spectacular days on the big island of Hawaii.

Gather with us where the veil is thin on this sacred island of fire and ice, where earth becomes liquid and life-changing revelations are as common as breathtaking sunsets. 

La Aloa means “very sacred” in Hawaiian, and this is what you will experience as you drop deeply into your own divine presence. And remember, sacred need not mean serious! 

La Aloa is a space for you to soften and open so that whatever is next on your path of awakening reveals itself to you easily and fullyIt is a place where time loses its illusory dominion as you remember your inner sanctuaries of peace, clarity and presence. It is a world of communion where you steep in the company of beautiful, conscious beings, and connect with the creative, fiery power of Hawaii, land of mana and miracles.

What You’ll Receive In this Inspiring, Transformational Time:

Regular Sound Transmissions to remove blocks, open awareness, and attune and uplift your vibration.

Dolphin Swims in the Wild* with our master guide Pamela Neil, where you will experience their playfulness as well as their powerful cosmic downloads.

Daily Awakening Sessions with intuitive, multi-sensory, guidance, powerful teachings, and heart-opening insights to awaken you to You. Topics include and are not limited to:

     – Living Awake: Experiencing life beyond the limits of the finite self.

     – Timelessness: Proficiency outside the construct of “time,” allowing access between timelines “past” and “future” as well as bridging information from one timeline to another. 

     – Inner Planes Communication: Telepathy with dolphins, other creatures, other people, and your highest self.

     – The Playfulness of Awakened Consciousness: Moving beyond “serious” on the spiritual path into the light-heartedness of awakening as joy.

     – Innersourcing: The practical ability to source your entire life from the deep well within you, awakening even more to the magnificence and power of the universe within.

     – Beyond Duality: Activating the ancient and wise presence of the feminine and masculine, where we move beyond duality into the oneness of all.

     – Your next echelons and awakened awareness.

Snorkeling at some of the most beautiful locations in the world (as featured in the Smithsonian).

Delicious, life-infused meals made with conscious awareness and love by our in-house chef, Arianna Zimmer.

A sacred journey (hike) to one of our favorite places on the island where the mana is rich and the veil is thin (yes, UFO sightings are common here).


* It is our full intention to regularly connect you with the dolphins in the bays near where we will be staying, as this has been our usual experience. However, dolphins are wild animals and there is no guarantee of their whereabouts at any time, thus we cannot guarantee encounters. We will snorkel on each of our outings even if the dolphins are out that day, connecting with the many marine animals (turtles, manta rays, beautiful tropical fish) that would like to be with us.

Where You’ll Be

We’ll be meeting and staying on a luxurious estate compound on a coffee farm south of Kailua.** Your accommodations resonate with the same beauty and grace as the island.

Amenities Included

Stunning ocean and sunset views

Easy access to the dolphins’ natural habitat

Infinity Pool and hot tub

Luxury suites and rooms

Air conditioning

State of the art kitchen and facilities

Our own waterfall!

** Room availability may vary subject to number of retreat registrants.


Who You’ll Be With – Meet the Team

Christine Laria

Meet Christine, your sound energy expert and master guide to awakening for the week. Her work is powerful, playful, gentle and profound (and oh so much more so in person!). She’ll be here to guide you to your next echelon of pure presence, transcending the constrictions of the personal self and guiding you into the wide open spaces of the unconditional love of your awakened awareness.

Christine brings you over 30 years experience as a an energy practitioner and consciousness guide (featured on The Beyond the Ordinary Show, Straight Talk for the Soul, the Awakened Healer Podcast, Your Divine Uniqueness, and more) and a rich background as a professional musician (university professor, nationally CBS televised conductor, and professional Carnegie Hall soloist). She has the unique ability to dissolve blocks and awaken awareness through sound transmissions and intuitive guidance, which has led to the spontaneous healings of physical, emotional and mental issues of her clients. Her greatest passion is guiding you to wake you up to the truth of who and what you are so that you can live a life full of joy, freedom, and peace.

Pamela Neil

Meet Pam, your personal mermaid and dolphin guide extraordinaire. A resident of Kona, Pam brings a wealth of experience in animal communication as well as intimate knowledge of the island and its energies. Pam’s vast store of knowledge (both intuitive and practical) and expertise with the dolphins opens up amazing opportunities and possibilities for us. She is equally adept at working the “back end” of all things consciousness, and counts some of the US’ top names in energy work and facilitation as her clients. Pam serves with quiet, keen insight as well as laser precise tuning to the rhythms of the island. She is also part of the planning team for all of our logistics, and can answer your questions with grace!

Arianna Zimmer

Team - AriannaMeet Arianna, your resident chef extraordinaire. She brings a rich background in biology and experience in the health food industry as well as a deep variety of consciousness and energetic trainings. So your food will be prepared with knowledge, consciousness, and love! She is equally adept with diets for omnivores, vegans, GF’s, and everything in between. She has a passion for the physicality of the earth and food is part of that passion. In addition to her magic in the kitchen, she brings amazing gifts as a facilitator and channel, so will be available for private session work throughout the week.

What It’s Worth

The La Aloa Retreat offers you an incredible palate of love, awakening, exploration, delight, and wisdom. It is an amazing opportunity to say “Yes” to all of you, while being nurtured with gentleness and beauty.

Tuition for the 6 days/6 nights event: $1444

Early Bird Price (you save $333 when paid in full by August 14, 2019): $1111

Meals: (includes 2 meals/day plus snacks): $265 for all 6 days

Lodging (on site): rates vary from $50-$190/night depending on room arrangements. ***

Total Cost of Tuition, Lodging, and Meals: $1676-$2849 (depending on early bird and room choice)

Non-Refundable Deposit that secures your place for La Aloa (space is limited to 21 beings due to the nature of this retreat): $500

*** Our estate compound includes two houses with a variety of options from regular double-occupancy bedrooms to suites that can accommodate 4-6 guests (if you’d like to snuggle with your friends!). Sing rooms are very limited. Know that you will likely be sharing space with others and that the spaces are generous. If you’d like to choose share space, your rate could be as low as $50/night. Double occupancy, regular rooms are $150/night, and our largest suite that can sleep up to 6 goes for $210/night. After registering for the retreat, you will be given information about room options and we will secure your selection with you directly as there are too many possible combinations to list!