Date(s) - 03/03/2019 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Luminance Yoga and Naturopathy

Experience deep relaxation and healing in this high-vibrational sound bath with Crystal Tones Singing Bowls and Vocal Toning. Sound Alchemy offers you deep rejuvenation, balancing, and awakening.

The acoustic vibrations naturally usher you into the beta and theta brainwave states, producing calm, peace, and stillness. Beyond deep relaxation, participants have often experienced profound dreamlike and even ecstatic states, as well as experienced healing of a variety of ailments from migraine headaches to back pain.

Christine brings the unique gift of intuitive guidance to her sound baths, tailoring all of the sounds to address the energetic information (that means the people!) in the room. This allows us to co-create transmissions that are personal, precise, and powerful. The result is both beautiful and dynamically healing.

Read what participants and studio owners have had to share:

“I could feel the instant centering and aligning of my chakras. ” – Patricia, Salem, OR

“This isn’t just a sound bath. It’s a transmission! There is nothing that could have been said or sung that would have been more powerful and perfect for me than what you brought through. Thank you!” – Lulu, Owner Waves Yoga, Kauai

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s sound session! Not only are my back and my arm better but I feel so much lighter emotionally. That’s huge!” – Mari, Salem, OR

“A Laria Sound Bath is a deep dive into bliss. The singing bowls, combined with Christine’s angelic voice, transport you from a mind-body orientation to a float into spirit/cosmos … one that heals and nurtures more beautifully than anything I have ever known.” – Lucy, Salem, OR

“Christine is amazing, I have never met anyone that does what she does. When she is toning with you, you can feel the sound coming into your body and dissolving any blocks or barriers in your system. My system was in overwhelm from being on the road for too long and working on so many people. After my session with Christine I felt brand new again.” – Zach Rehder, Intuitive Healer, Sedona, AZ


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