Sound Precision Healing Transmission

This Sound Alchemy track is created personally and specifically for you to address a single item of your choice. Your item can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, situational, personal, relational, or contextual (environment and world). People have requested tracks for items such as

• migraine headaches
• back pain
• acid reflux
• money issues
• self-esteem
• grief
• relationship issues
• sleep disruption
• anxiety
• inflammation
• arterial blockages
• cancer
• and so many more

In the profound On Target Transformational Toning Project, data was collected on clients’ experiences after they listened to their custom track for 5-14 days. The results were nothing short of astounding, with every client reporting significant improvement and, in most cases, resolution of their issues!

My process for Sound Precision Healing is to remotely co-create a custom track for you based on two streams of energy: the description of the item you’d like addressed and the information I receive from your energy field during the creation of the transmission. Thus I am listening to you at every level, which is why the Sound Alchemy issue so powerful. You then receive a high-quality, mastered sound file (electronically) to listen to as often as you like.

Sound Precision Healing Transmission for Couples

This Sound Alchemy track is a couples version of the single-item Sound Precision Healing Transmission. In your item description, you will request what you’d like assistance with in your relationship.

Soul Song Transmission

The Soul Song Transmission is the most powerful and multi-dimensional of my Sound Alchemy offerings, co-created and recorded in a real-time session with you. In this session/transmission, we access your full, multi-dimensional being across multiple timelines/lifetimes, as well as across all physical, emotional, mental and energetic planes. The resulting extended track is one of the most profound tools you will find to accelerate your awakening, heal your mind and body, harmonize soul retrieval, and expand your consciousness.